Now I've Got You Here At Hogwarts, I'd Like To Go Over Just A Couple Of Rules

Rule 1: Work is written individually, and then checked over by both authors for appropriateness, OCC, plot holes, etc. (No peeking!)

Rule 2: Unless the other author objects profusely, whatever either author decides to do in the story is final. (I say this happens, and there’s nothing you can do about it!)

Rule 3: Any pairings for either character will be chosen by the alternate author, must be with another Hogwarts student, and must be adhered to by both authors. (If I make you smooch, you WILL smooch!)

Rule 4: Any main plot devices are chosen by individual authors, and are kept a secret from the other author until they become integral to the plot. (You’re not allowed to know what I’m up to!)

Rule 5: Chapters are not allowed to be pre-written; the previous chapter must be submitted before work starts on the next one. (No jumping the gun; you have to wait ‘till I’m finished!)

Rule 6: The snail’s name is Phyllis. This can never be changed. EVER. (Once a Phyllis, always a Phyllis.)

Rule 7: We like the number 7, ok? (‘Tis a magical number!)

Rule 8: I’m sure we will get back to the proper rules eventually, but for now, here’s some cake. (*passes out cake*)

Rule 9: Just kidding. The cake is a lie! (Have some cheese instead.)

Rue 10: The original plot of Harry Potter is not to be interfered with. (No making out with Harry while Draco kills Voldemort and fills the world with happiness and sunshine.)

Rule 11: YAY! A REAL RULE! (And now we’ve gone again.)

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  1. Excellent rules! I like them very much! Except for you rule 9, I can't F****** stand you.